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Deep Clean Your Home in Just 10 Days with the 2023 Spring Cleaning Cure — It’s Free, So Sign Up Now!

published Mar 15, 2023
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It’s almost the start of spring — and I’m already giddy at the thought of flowers in bloom (tulips are my favorite, how about you?). But there’s another thing that’s at the top of my mind: spring cleaning

As Apartment Therapy’s Cleaning and Organizing Editor, I can’t help but shift my focus (and excitement) to the season that’s so synonymous with cleaning. “Spring cleaning” is an age-old tradition that looks different for people all around the world, but at the heart of it is the idea of diving into a deeper clean at home after a stagnant period hunkered inside away from the cold. And with spring, it’s finally warm enough to fling open the windows and air out the place.

All that’s to say that this season is a great time to give your home the refresh it needs, from getting rid of those dust bunnies under the bed to tackling any running cleaning to-dos you have (maybe ones you’ve slotted away from the January Cure?). And if you’re looking for just the push to get your home in order, look no further than our Spring Cleaning Cure, a free 10-day guided program that’ll help you get one step closer to a tidier home. It launches on April 12, 2023, and you can sign up right now using the email signup box below (or you can sign up here).

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What is the Spring Cleaning Cure?

The Spring Cleaning Cure is a free 10-day program designed to help you achieve a clean and tidy home. Starting Wednesday, April 12, 2023, participants will receive a new assignment in their inbox every day — each one focused on a cleaning task that will bring you one step closer to the impeccably clean home you’ve probably only dreamed of. 

It’ll be guided by me, Stephanie Nguyen, Apartment Therapy’s cleaning and organizing editor — and I’ve invited some very special guests to help make your space sparkle. Here’s a sneak peek at our lineup of “guest cure-ators,” who’ll be sharing their expert cleaning tips throughout the program.

  • Barbara “Babs” Costello, aka TikTok’s favorite mom, grandma, author, and home hacks expert. You might know her as @BrunchWithBabs.
  • Sarah McAllister, the CEO and founder of GoCleanCo, has shown millions of people how to transform their homes and lives for the better — using everyday cleaning products and deep cleaning methods. 
  • Zachary Pozniak is a third-generation dry cleaner and the vice president of operations at Jeeves New York, who is passionate about providing straightforward clothing care information.

How do I join?

All you need to do is sign up with your email in the box at the bottom of this page or jump on this signup page. You’ll start receiving those daily assignments in your inbox, so you can put them on your calendar and plan how you’ll get that day’s task done.

What can I expect?

We’ll be cleaning around the home from top to bottom, starting high up at the ceilings and working our way down to the floors. But, no matter the task, please remember that you can shape it to fit what’s right for you. Skip, alter, or amend each assignment because, let’s face it — the idea of deep cleaning is daunting. And to be very honest, I too drag my feet on getting those bigger tasks done. But the light at the end of the tunnel is knowing that when you’re done, it is deeply rewarding.

That’s why our Spring Cleaning Cure is designed with 10 doable tasks — here’s an early look at the task calendar! — that are meant to be altered to fit your needs. There’s a range of assignments — some are lighter lifts, while others may require you to dig in — but how much energy you devote to each is up to you. For instance, do you need to clean your favorite window but the weather outside is still unbearable? Then just clean the inside and call it a day! Or skip it altogether if this isn’t something that fits your home.

We just hope that we’re able to take the big, daunting idea of “deep cleaning” your home and make it more manageable — and hopefully, this gives you the momentum to keep on cleaning. 

Happy spring!

— Stephanie

The Cure Program is a tradition here at Apartment Therapy — it happens every January, April, and September. Click here to learn more about the year-round program and when to sign up.

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