How To: Spring Clean the Garden

How To: Spring Clean the Garden

Laure Joliet
May 19, 2009

Each spring I get the bug to really go overboard with my garden. I want to plant vegetables and flowers and vines and more succulents, etc. Sometimes, it's safe to say, I get a little ahead of myself. Because sometimes it's best to start with what I've got and take care of that. So I start with a little bit of garden spring cleaning.

Working in a garden can be time consuming (even if it's time enjoyed). Just maintaining what you've already got can take more time than you have. So, for me, before I start adding stuff, I've got to get what I have under control. Spring is a great time to clear out, feed and see if there are some gaps to fill. Here's my order of operations, spending about 5 minutes on each and maybe 15 minutes a day until it's done. this way I don't overlaod myself or have to do a blowout weekend garden binge:

Weed. Take five minutes to weed your containers or the spot around your porch.
Trim. Again, take another 5 minutes to go around and cut off anything dead, leggy, or overgrown. (Save succulent cuttings to plant later).
Clean up. Gather the weeds and cuttings and put 'em in your green bin.
Feed. I use Worm Gold worm casings to fertilize and feed my container plants. I also periodically give them coffee grounds to keep them going.
Water. Give everything a nice deep water to spread out the fertilizer and give them a spring boost. (Make sure to do this in the morning or the evening and not the middle of the day when the sun is beating down on everything.).
Plant the succulent cuttings. I normally just stick them into the ground or the pot where I want them and figure that at least 3/4's of them will make it. This is a great way to fill gaps without buying anything new. It's also nice to trade with neighbors and other gardener friends.
Sit back and relax. Now it's time to enjoy the garden!

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