Spring Cleaning

Make Today Fridge Day: Take Just 20 Minutes to Tackle This Task

updated May 3, 2019
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I’ve always thought you could tell a lot about someone by looking inside their refrigerator. And that’s why, for some of you, today’s spring cleaning task might be easier than for others.

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If your fridge contains the bare minimum—some takeout containers and a bottle of ketchup—you could be done in 5 minutes. If you’re a regular cook, you might need the full 20. All that matters is that you can check this spring cleaning task off your list by the time you hit the sheets tonight. (And it helps that you have an empty trash bin from yesterday!)


Clear Out and Clean Up Inside the Fridge

Go through the inside of your refrigerator, clearing and cleaning. I find it helps to go shelf by shelf, taking everything out and resting it on the counter for a minute. Get rid of anything that’s very old or expired, and wipe down the shelf before replacing only the items that are still fresh and usable.

As you’re placing items back into the fridge, it helps to keep a cloth in your hand and peek at the bottom of each jar or container—some of them might be in need of a quick wipe-down.

Repeat with each shelf or section, and you’ll have a spotless refrigerator to fuel you for the rest of the week (and all month long).

→ If you’re not sure about the shelf life of your condiments, this post can help.

Don’t worry about the freezer, yet. That’s coming up!

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