What to Tackle in the Bathroom When You Spring Clean This Weekend

What to Tackle in the Bathroom When You Spring Clean This Weekend

Taryn Williford
Apr 15, 2017
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If you're here with us, spring cleaning on a Saturday—thank you! And if you're just getting started—welcome! We're only a handful of days into our 20-day program, so there's still plenty of time to sign up and catch up.

It's a brand new thing for us, this team spring cleaning event, and I have to admit that we editors struggled with whether or not to keep the plan going through the weekends. Ultimately, efficiency won out. We thought it would be better to get things done in one fell swoop, but most importantly, we realize that many of you already use your weekends to get your home in a calm, clean and happy state. The extra downtime allows for a little more flexibility in deciding when (and, in some cases, where— we'll explain later) your 20-minute tasks will take place.


Wash Your Bathroom Rug and Shower Curtain

Today is all about bathroom linens. The towels get laundered as part of your regular upkeep, but spring cleaning is an opportunity to make sure the shower curtain and bath mat or rug are in their best shape for the new season.

How to clean your bathroom rug depends on what it's made of. A hotel-style one that's more like a towel than anything, that can go right in the wash. If your bath mat has a rubber backing—or is a rug proper, like from the home section—you'll want to take a little extra care. Step one is to take it outside and beat and shake the thing out. Then, if your rug is made of cotton or synthetic fibers, it can actually stand up to a machine washing, too.

First, a warning: A rug's rubber backing will break down over time (and potentially damage the washing machine, if it does break apart) so you don't want to do a machine wash very frequently, but if things look to be in good shape, you can proceed.

Load the rug in the washing machine so it's spread out and balance the load with some lightly used towels (or your shower curtain... more on that below).

Take down your shower curtain and liner (glass folks—you're off the hook for this one, but you can use today to wipe down your glass, if you're so inclined). If your curtain liner is looking worse for the wear—if it's showing signs of mold, or is especially mildewy or torn—it might be time to replace it. But anything that's ready for a wash can get loaded into the washing machine—yep, even plastic and vinyl. (If your curtain's made of a fancy fabric, check the label first.) Then just add some towels to the load to balance and protect your curtain from damage.

The final step is just to run the whole load—rugs, curtains and towels—on a delicate setting with just a tiny bit of detergent.

The reason this is Saturday's task? We wanted to give you the opportunity to get to the laundromat if you don't have laundry machines at home.

It's Not Too Late to Join Us!

We're just wrapping up the first week! Sign up now and use the weekend to catch up—we're tackling spring cleaning in 20 minutes a day, so all it takes is an hour or two to get squared away. Then keep an eye out in the morning for your very next mission.

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