Spring Cleaning Tip #7: Fix What's Broken

Spring Cleaning Tip #7: Fix What's Broken

Cambria Bold
May 12, 2010

Spring cleaning is a great time to finally do all those household repairs that have accumulated over the last few months. So take a walk through your house and make a list of all the repairs that you see, big or small. Leaky sink? Broken door knob? Sticky window? Maybe there's a lightbulb that's been burned out since...well, you moved in. Write it down!

Write down all the problems/repairs/solutions you run into, as if you were a landlord preparing the apartment for a new tenant. Making these repairs and fixing these problems is a crucial part to giving your home a new spring start. As Maxwell says, "A needed repair that hasn't been done is a deep injury to your apartment and must be healed. The life of this part of your home is largely unconscious, and it is easy to let undone repairs pile up. You may not address the problems, but you know they are there. Attending to them is like tying up loose ends or clearing clutter — it releases a tremendous amount of stuck energy."

Try and do all the repairs you can yourself, and then hire somebody or find an experienced friend to do the rest of it. Keep you list handy so you can check off the repairs you've completed, and add new ones as they come along.

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