Spring Cleaning Tip #9: Invest and Nest in Your Home

Spring Cleaning Tip #9: Invest and Nest in Your Home

Cambria Bold
May 28, 2009

We've heard Maxwell say that nothing you do for your home is ever wasted, and we think that's particularly true in the current economic climate. We're all spending more time at home (less money, less vacation, less eating out) and so our home environment has become more important than ever. That's why we spend a whole month focusing on cleaning your home — clearing out, cleaning up, revealing your home's beauty — and why we encourage you to invest time and (some) money into your home, even if it's just a bouquet of fresh flowers. Jump below for a few of our nesting tips...

Here are a few of our nesting tips:

• Replace one element of your home that you consider drab and old with something new, colorful and exciting. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Hang a cool vintage picture you picked up at the flea market; add a colorful throw to your couch; bring in some plants.

• "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." We love this quote from William Morris. It challenges us everyday to reevaluate the "stuff" we already have, and the stuff we're thinking of bringing into our home. Do we love it? Do we need it?

• Create a personal space. It's springtime, and we all want to be outside. But setting aside a special place in your home where you spend a designated period of time is a good habit (and one we're working on right now, too!). Even if it's just for your morning coffee and paper, or an afternoon tea break, or a place to curl up with a book, or journal, or blog (that counts, too!), make that spot as comfortable as you can. That's why we loved the picture above the jump. That spot looks comfortable, cozy, and completely personal.

• Buy the best quality you can afford. This goes for food, products, furniture, renovations. Whatever your budget is, investing in higher quality items will look better, function better, and last longer.

• Spend time in your home. Open it up to friends. Entertain. Throw dinners. Live in it and love it.

What are your favorite things about your home? How do you "invest and nest" in your home?

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