The Spring Cure: Creating Your Vision

The Spring Cure: Creating Your Vision

Abby Stone
Mar 18, 2009
• Cure Clock: 7.5 weeks remaining • Assignment: Read Chapter 1: Creating Your Own Vision • Curees: 602.....The first week of the cure is about creating your vision for your home. It's a time for dreaming, for creativity and for thinking about how your home can support your life. Perhaps you'd like to entertain more, maybe you want to have space for your crafting or you work at home and need a better workspace. We sent out this email last fall and now we (Abby and Laure) are teaming up to share our tips and tricks for helping you get the most out of your home cure...

Take A Good Look At Your Home.
Sit in places in your home you never sit in, clean it thoroughly (we like to organize our cleaning supplies in a caddy like this one from The Container Store so it's easier to cart them around from room to room) and make a list of all the stuff that bothers you whether it's the bathroom door that never shuts fully, the light that's not quite bright enough to read by, or finding a place to put your keys when you come in so you don't spend a half hour in the morning looking for them.

What's my ideal vision for my home?
Flip through books and magazines, marking pages, tearing them out (I love the ISlice for cutting out my images neatly) or scanning and uploading) your clips. Let yourself dream big! Put in a picture of that vanilla leather Eames chair you've always wanted and those really expensive lamps you saw in Elle Decor. While your budget may not be able to afford them this go-round, the universe has a funny way of making your vision a reality. I love these simple trays from West Elm for organizing my clippings and after the Cure I love them for serving drinks, eating in bed or catching keys and mail by my front door.

Hi, Laure chiming in here for a second. Wanted to share a couple of images from my style tray. These are just a couple of things that I have in a file marked 'inspiration' on my computer. As I surf through AT house tours, through sites like desire to inspire or the old Domino Archives I save images to my desk top and then file them away by room so that I can find them later. From this little group it would seem that I have multiple personalities--I love monochramtic soothing natural bedrooms and bright, eclectic living spaces.

This was from ATSF and a post Elizabeth did on a room she was fixing up, I ove that warm yellow mirror with the pink bedding.

This looks so sophisticated and grown up but still really really comfortable.

Love these soothing colors and the touch of metallic wallpaper for glamour. Have no idea where I found the image, oops!

From Dan and Amy's Fall Colors Entry, love all those lamps and all that color!

A thought on time management and the Cure
Group stuff together: buy flowers and magazines when you make your weekly grocery run. Pick up some earth friendly cleaning products (Bon Ami, Method, Mrs. Myers, Caldrea are some companies that make stuff we use and like) and you've accomplished 3 of this week's tasks without adding any additional time to your already jam packed schedule. Combine sitting in a new part of your home, cutting up mags and putting together your home repair list and voila! you've accomplished another 3 tasks.

Make cleaning fun and throw on some music.
Throughout the Cure I work on bringing more life into my home and getting rid of the stuff that drags me down. A huge way I keep myself motivated is with music. If I don't feel motivated to clean I can put on a favorite album and promise myself I'll clean for 3 songs. By the time the songs are over I feel like a different person and the house is a bit cleaner.

Here's a playlist to get you started (we'll be adding to it as the weeks go on):

  • Call Me (Come Back Home) - Al Green
  • Tap At My Window - Laura Marling
  • Everything's Just Wonderful - Lily Allen
  • Lesson Learned - Alicia Keys
  • I'll Be Your Lover Too - Van Morrison
  • A Sunday Kind of Love - Etta James
  • Sweetest Thing - U2
  • California - Joni Mitchell
  • Come Over - Estelle
  • Lookin' Out My Back Door - Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) - Talking Heads
  • Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

What do you love to listen to while you clean (or cure)?

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