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9 Things to Switch Up at Home This Spring

published Apr 18, 2019
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Spring is sprung, and the gorgeous warm weather makes it easy to get lost outdoors. But your home deserves attention, too—and we’re not just talking about spring cleaning. These seasonal switch-ups make your home more cheerful and livable all spring and summer long.

1. Ceiling fans

Do you switch your fan to rotate clockwise during colder months? (You should: For those who don’t know, this pulls cool air up towards the ceiling to make a room feel warmer.) Switch it back to counterclockwise before the summer heat sets in.

2. Mattresses

Many newer mattresses designate the top and bottom, so you don’t need to flip them—but they rarely have a distinct head and foot. Rotate your mattress so your body weight is evenly distributed throughout the year. Your mattress will wear better and last longer. While you’re there, don’t forget to give your entire bed area a thorough spring cleaning.

3. House plants

There’s no better time than the season of rebirth and new growth to give your potted plants some TLC. Prune any dead or browning leaves and toss anything that has stopped growing outright. Swap in low-maintenance plants that need little watering, such as snake plants, spider plants, ponytail palms, pothos, and succulents, and consider bringing in some new additions to your plant family.

4. Bedding

Put away flannel sheets, heavy down comforters, and woolly throws in favor of lighter-weight fabrics like cotton and linen (check out our guide to the best linen sheets here). For a one-of-a-kind look, mix and match your bedsheets, pairing complementary patterns or solids and patterns.

5. Window treatments

You might not think of changing up your drapes, but if the ones you have are made of a heavy materials like velvet, it’s worth getting up on a ladder and trying something different for the warmer months. Sheers and other lightweight curtains not only let in more air and sunlight, they also help a room appear lighter and brighter.

6. Welcome mat

Months of snow, mud, and winter grime can make your welcome mat look… well, not very welcoming. If your current mat is made of coir or another tough-wearing material that can be easily vacuumed or hosed off, go for it. But if you’ve had the same mat for years now, and it’s looking beat-up, replace it with something cheerful in a fun color, like the ones at AllModern and Cost Plus World Market.

7. Shower curtain liner

Unless your bathroom has exceptionally good ventilation, you’ll need to change out your plastic shower curtain liner every once in a while. Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to toss moldy liners and replace them with fresh, clean ones. Amazon has a ton of options, like this best-seller that’s under $10.

Want your liner to last longer? Clean it every couple of months—you can actually toss most plastic liners in the washing machine as long as you use vinegar or a gentle detergent.

8. A/C filters

Dirty or clogged filters force your unit to work harder, which means higher electric bills. Air conditioner filters should be changed once a year, and spring’s a great time to swap them out. Inspect your filters now, before A/C season starts, and replace any clogged filters.

9. Smoke detector batteries

It’s estimated that one-third of the smoke detectors in homes don’t work. If your detector is battery-powered (not hard-wired), play it safe and check the batteries every season. Replace them every year, even if it seems like they’re still working.