Freshen Up! Spring-Inspired Tips for Cleaner Air

(Image credit: Flickr member dominic’s pics, licensed for use under Creative Commons)cc by 2.0

As trees start blooming and everything seems to be sprouting new growth, we’re amazed at the wealth of scents outside. Thankfully, we’re not riddled with seasonal allergies like so many friends—so every time we’re outdoors, we take a big whiff of spring and enjoy it. If you want to bring spring inside, we’ve got a few tips to freshen and lighten up the air in your home!

Steer clear of chemical-laden air fresheners and instead turn to these tips that will make your home smell like spring.

Open the windows. After a winter of keeping ’em shut, and providing allergies aren’t an issue of course), open the windows and let the fresh air start off your spring cleaning.

Bring sprigs of flowering plants indoors (the ones you’re not allergic to, that is). We love a few mountain laurel blooms in a vase, and jasmine and honeysuckle are right around the corner.

Enjoy citrus. Eat the fruit and then try some of these methods for using citrus around the home.

Light an all-natural, soy or beeswax, lead-free candle in a springtime scent like bay leaf, tomato leaf, eucalyptus, citrus, meyer lemon, and more.

Clean the sheets (and couch cushions and pillow covers and dog beds for that matter)! Opt for an all-natural lavender or eucalyptus scented detergent and then top it off with line-drying in the sun or drying it with a homemade dryer sheet.

Make your own chemical-free homemade air freshener: an easy and effective recipe can be found here.

Line the closets and drawers with sachets of lavender. You’ll feel more relaxed, and all your linens will smell ready for spring.

Do you have a favorite springtime scent you wish you could bring inside?

(Image: Flickr member dominic’s pics, licensed for use under Creative Commons)