Spur of the Moment Decorating

Spur of the Moment Decorating

Janel Laban
Dec 14, 2009

Last Friday during lunch, my husband and I decided to paint the living room...over the weekend. We didn't really have time to do it - it's a big job for two people and we had two parties to go to, along with all the usual weekend busyness. Factor in the fact that it IS the middle of the December in Chicago (making open windows a far-off memory) and it seemed like even less of a good idea.

But once the idea took hold, we weren't going back on it. The thought of having a nice, freshly painted room to enjoy time off in over the holidays in was irresistible. So, thanks to zero-VOC paint (which really doesn't have any fumes or odor) and a strong desire to knock this job out, we were able to complete it all by yesterday early evening, in time to go to our friend's movie party.

Here's how it worked out...

Friday Evening:
Made a trip to the store and a quick decision on which paint to purchase. Picked up a long extension handle (we decided to do the ceiling too), a roll of blue painters tape and a pack of new roller covers, along with a special triangular brush for doing the corners.

Came home, took down all the artwork, moved all the little things (tchotkes, books, magazines, etc.) from the living room to the bedroom for storage. Rolled up the rug, pushed the furniture to the middle of the room, covered it with dropcloths.

Realized this was REALLY happening.

Vacummed and cleaned the walls and floor well. Taped off the floor. Got the paint trays and rollers from the storage locker in the basement. Grabbed all the free Saturday Red Eye newspapers from our buildings front step so we could put paper under the paint trays. Removed the light switch and electrical outlet covers. Did the first coat on the ceiling and walls. Realized this was a really big job AND that we forgot the semi-gloss for the doors and baseboards. Stopped working at 6pm to go to a holiday party. Came home from the party to a big mess and lots of work to look forward to.

Ran to the store first thing for semi-gloss paint and got to work. Did second and third coats on the walls and two coats on the doors. Slaved over the baseboards. Realized the second coat on the ceiling wasn't going to happen this weekend after all. Wrapped it up in time to put all the furniture back in place and get ready before heading out to the party. Came home from the party to our freshly painted room, still somewhat in disbelief that we pulled it off, but very satisfied with the results.

(BTW, we're happily ignoring the ceiling for the moment - we'll knock out that second coat next Saturday morning).

Have you ever been struck with the "have to do it now" decorating or home project bug? How did it go? Let us know in the comments below....

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