Squeezebox: Wireless Audio Player

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Device at right made especially for squeezed New Yorkers. So you recently got rid of your CD’s by ripping them all onto your computer and Ipod, and you now plug either device into your stereo to listen to music. But what about when you want to use your computer? And what about the multiplying wires? Squeezebox ($199), by Slim Devices, is an amazing new device that works on your wireless network and streams music from your computer to your stereo from anywhere in the house or office. No more wires and total mobility. I have been installing it in client’s apartments in order to help them get rid of everything but the receiver and speakers. It makes for much more space and fewer wires. Problems? The set-up procedure is a little geeky, and you will run into problems if your music files are not in MP3 format (music files can be easily converted, however). MGR