Stack ’em Up Cribs!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
April Fool’s Day? No lie, we were so tempted to post this on April 1, but rest assured, the
Double Decker Twin Crib is not a joke.

According to the advertising copy, this is an “an innovative, space-saving solution” for parents of multiples. We have some thoughts about that.

Lucky top-bunk baby gets to be nearly eye level with Mum and Dad. Unlucky bottom-bunk baby gets to be eye level with the dog, the dust bunnies, and Mummy’s shapely calves. It doesn’t take an MD to envision a lot of therapy sessions in one baby’s future, deconstructing why one’s parents designated them the ‘bottom bunk’ baby.

It looks like pet-store crating to us. Double Decker cribs are $649.99, and free shipping, if this is the twins-bed of your dreams.

Are we wrong? Is this actually a genius of an idea that we are too thick to comprehend? Or alternately, have you seen anything recently that tops this in bad nursery design?