Stackable USB Ports

Stackable USB Ports

Kristen Lubbe
Mar 23, 2010

We're not one of them, but there are people out there that need to have more than two items plugged into their computers via USB at one time. Maybe those people are the ones that started saying multi-taskin' if you're askin'.

These stackable USB ports were designed by Gonglue Jiang and are currently a concept. We imagine there are people out there that would find an item like this useful &mdash maybe it'll come to life, eventually.

The Infinite USB is a group of USB ports that can be plugged into one another. Each port is color coded to help you identify which cord is which. We're assuming that in theory the colors would play an important role when you have four items plugged in at once. Even though we're not too sure we'd actually remember that red was for our phone and blue was our external harddrive. We'd just remember what the cord for each item looks like.

The design of the Infinite USB is sleek and modern. Even though we don't find them entirely useful, the colors that were chosen for each port are popular and can be found in many homes today. We also like that it looks like an Apple product!

Our only other gripe with this is, what happens if you realize you need to unplug the first or second item? Say you're backing up items onto your harddrive and your significant other is yelling for you to hurry up and get out the door. So you'll have to unplug everything just to grab your iPhone?

What do you think of the Infinite USB?

[via Yanko Design]

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