Stacy’s Canyon Cottage & Garden

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Stacy
Location: Laurel Canyon – Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to my canyon cottage! My home is under 1000 square feet, which proved to be a challenge. To create a space that would not feel cramped, I tried to incorporate the outdoors as much as possible. I added French doors and windows to every room.

My style is eclectic with a dash of modern. To save money I painted the floors white in the living room (against friends advice) and it opened up the space even more. I love the garden so much and spend most of my time either in the front patio or back garden. Hotelier Sean MacPherson inspired my design style of mixing classic with new, and creating a cheerful and budget friendly home. 

Thanks, Stacy!

(Images:Submitted by Stacy )

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