Stain Remedies for Furniture

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We hadn’t planned to do anything for the 4th of July except catch up on a ton of work. It was par for the course that we ended up hosting a BBQ for close friends at the very last minute. And while we really didn’t have time to clean before our guests arrived, we had a blast nonetheless… until someone spilled something on our brand new couch.

It all happened so fast–a notification that food was spilled on our recently returned, re-upholstered, microsuede couch, followed by a reassurance that the mess had been cleaned up. We hid our stress, grabbed another beer and tried not to think about our new furniture possibly ruined (we might have silently panicked).

The next morning, we spied the stain instantly (and freaked out a little). But we had read somewhere before purchasing the fabric that microsuede was very easy to clean up with soapy water. We held our breath and gave it the old college try–and what do you know, it worked! Some liquid Dawn and cold water got the spot out instantly (thank goodness).

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation–the following handy list of solutions should get you out any mess.

(Images: 1, Gregory Han; What Are Your House Rules?)