Take a Stand: 5 Laptop Stands to Improve Your Office Ergonomics

Take a Stand: 5 Laptop Stands to Improve Your Office Ergonomics

Julienne Lin
Feb 14, 2013

As much as I've liked my dual screen monitor setup at my work desk, I exchanged out one of my monitors for a laptop for the mobility. I'm constantly in meetings, and also work from home occasionally, so it's nice to be able to unplug and take the work with me wherever I go. However, my desk was left assymmetrical, with my laptop lower on the table and the monitor higher up. A laptop stand came to the rescue to even things back up...

One of the major downsides about working on a laptop is how you find yourself curled into a bad slouch after hours of working. Laptop stands have always been a good answer to improving your office ergonomics. Here's a roundup of some of my favorites.

">Vool: Since everything else on your desk is probably made of metal or plastic, it's always a nice change to introduce something natural to it, like wood. This wooden laptop stand designed by Dopludo Collective has a gorgeous pattern and extra storage space underneath. It is made from pine and is of course, ecofriendly.

Griffin: This is one of the more popular options and the current stand I'm using. It's part clear plastic and part metal. There are grips on the top of the stand so your laptop doesn't slide forward even though it doesn't need to click into anything. There aren't any extra USB ports but is just a simple, functional design that elevates your laptop at comfortable eye level.

mStand: Rain Design's mStand looks a bit more like the neck of an iMac computer. Because of the angle it's tilted, it requires stoppers at the end to keep your laptop from slipping off. You can adjust the angle of the mStand to improve the airflow of your laptop since it's sitting on a solid piece of metal. An extra plus is the cable organizer in the back that helps you control your wires.

Cosmos: The Cosmos stand is designed specifically for tablet computers. It can be used upright similar to an easel so that you can look at your tablet computer in both portrait and landscape views. If you are constantly on the go, this is the most portable option to go with your portable computer.

Mini Raiser: If you want a simple, inexpensive solution, the mini raiser does the trick without breaking the bank. Another portable solution, I like how this stand easily fits into a small bag and the design is cool too. It also doesn't take up much space if you frequently work at coffee shops or other places with less desk real estate.

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