Before and After: This Closet is Now a Standing Desk

published May 28, 2018
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(Image credit: My Sweet Lilac)

This “useless” little closet looks like somewhere the Dursleys would make Harry Potter sit whilst wearing a dunce cap, but one creative homemaker saw the potential for so much more.

(Image credit: My Sweet Lilac)

This is so cute and efficient, and that green paint is delicious. This makeover was done by Molly Sikora of My Sweet Lilac, and let’s back up to get a full view of the project.

(Image credit: My Sweet Lilac)

Yup, it’s a closet, and not a very useful one, according to Molly:

If there were ever a useless close space, our front closet takes the cake. The space isn’t wide enough to hang coats, and it is a bit too small to function with hooks.

The quirkiest thing about this closet? It has an electrical outlet mounted about five feet off the ground. Useless for coats, but perfect for an office. We scrapped the idea to use this closet for storage and made it into a super efficient mini office. With a small house to begin with, we lacked a dedicated office space, so we tapped into this closet’s potential to deliver a super efficient usable mini office space.

(Image credit: My Sweet Lilac)

This is so elegant and streamlined. It’s got basically everything you need in an office—you could even stick a printer on that bottom shelf—in such a small space. It looks like it’s easy to keep organized, thanks to the storage bins (see the next photo for even more), but if it does get messy, the door will hide all that. Molly points out that it has even more going for it:

I love how efficient and functional this mini office is! This closet went from a dumping ground for random things, to a wonderfully useful space. The best part about this space is the standing desk. As a mom of two young kiddos, it’s perfect for my busy, hands-on lifestyle. And the desktop is too high for little hands to reach

I didn’t realize it was a standing desk. That’s great (and it looks like the stool can be used when needed), and even greater is that parental perspective: we all have such specific needs in our home, and it’s awesome when we can come up with solutions for them.

(Image credit: My Sweet Lilac)

This photo shows both the handy hidden shelves and how the roller cart can be easily brought in and out. The wood of the stool and cart and the grey of the bins look beautiful with the new paint, while the white desktop and shelves add a bit of brightness.

The project took about seven hours and cost $350. We sped up the process by using pre-finished shelving for the desktop, rolling storage cart, and shelving.

A new office for $350? Score! For anyone considering tackling a similar project, here are the materials used: Pre-finished shelving, circular saw, drill, measuring tape, level, screws, coasters, drawer handle, and office accessories.

(Image credit: My Sweet Lilac)

Those shelves are excellent, and the entire project is just so inspiring. Molly has some wise words for anyone frustrated with any space in their home:

If your home is crunched for space, look past the purpose of your space and consider its function. Does it function well for you? No? Then it might be time to redefine the space’s original purpose in favor of function.

If you’ve redefined and repurposed a room or space in your home, please tell all!

Thank you, Molly Sikora and My Sweet Lilac!