Call For a NY Blogger!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The time has come for us to get help with our addiction. It’s actually long overdue, but we are really wanting it right now. So we’re putting out the word for an assistant AT:NY blogger who can help us keep this ship at full tilt (when we have to be changing diapers in a few months).

In the next two weeks we’re looking to find a smart, nosy blogger who knows the nuts and bolts of blogging (HTML), really knows NYC and wants to help people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy. Interested? Read on…..

We are looking for: A smart, nosy, writer with a great design eye and knowledge of where to find things in this city. It is a half-time job, and we prefer if you have a life outside of blogging which involves you with design in some way. We like enthusiasts.

What you get: Money – not much – but unlike many blogs, we DO pay. What really makes it worthwhile is if you are a writer and/or designer who wants to get in front of a big daily audience. You get this job and people will know who you are (which can be both good and bad, depending).

Deadline: Monday, July 24th

You need:
– a good eye
– at least four hours a day
– a good computer
– a totally reliable high speed connection
– a digital camera
– photoshop
– a good knowledge of how to use all these things

AT’s Mission: constantly helping people to have beautiful, organized, healthy homes, through blogging resources (like Zagat’s), reviewing products (like, tracking the news (like CNN) and providing inspiration (through sharing house tours and design ideas).

Please submit: to with “NY SUBMISSIONS” in big letters in the subject header:
– Your name
– Where you live
– How did you find AT?
– What you would be doing the rest of the time
– 3 sample posts with good pics (a. one local shop b. one product c. your choice (dazzle us) – keep them 100-200 words max)

We will confirm your email within 24 hours and we will make our decisions asap.