R2-D2 Xbox With Projector & Other Great Star Wars Tech

Who loves Star Wars? We do, we do! Whether you are a fan of the Jedi Knights or Sith Lords, these tech items will be sure to bring a smile or possibly an evil scowl to your face. Check out these awesome Star Wars tech items ranging from the ultra neat R2-D2 Xbox & projector to a LEGO iPhone dock.


1) R2-D2 Xbox 360 & Projector Created by Instructable user Pizonbongo this mod looks like the friendly robot and contains an Xbox 360 and projector!

2) Star Wars Lamps: These lamps from the Star Wars Shop are 15″ high, and they feature an LED alarm clock as well as an audio input and speaker for mp3 playback.

3) Star Wars LEGO iPhone Dock: Inspired by the AT-AT walker, Flickr user Chris Harrison created this dock for his iPhone.

4) Star Wars Series 5 Mimobots: These adorable USB flash drives in sizes from 2GB to 16GB are from Mimobot.

5) Darth Vader Alarm Clock: From Firebox this minifig alarm clock features a 5 minute snooze feature by pressing the head down.