Make a Blog Calendar to Manage Social Networks Like a Pro

Make a Blog Calendar to Manage Social Networks Like a Pro

Taryn Williford
May 5, 2011

For a few weeks at a time, usually when work gets really busy or I'm in a creative and social lull, I'll completely forget that Twitter exists. Mentions go un-replied-to. New tweets are silenced. That kind of communication blackout is not so good when you're making use of your Twitter feed for networking and building relationships. If you ever have trouble remembering to keep up with feeds and blogs like me, try this motivational DIY project: A felt blogging calendar.

Keeping up with blogs and social feeds is really important if you're trying to build a new brand (like maybe launch a blog or a company) by yourself. But it's just as important for your personal brand, where your Twitter page and Facebook profile could be your first impression to a potential client or employer. In either case, juggling a handful of different platforms and updating with unique content can be a chore.

Why not try this DIY project from charisp at Instructables?: Liven up your office walls and motivate yourself to update your feeds with a felt blog calendar.

All you need to do is buy (or build, like charisp did) a calendar memo board. Then, prepare a bunch of cut-out felt social media logos to pin on your board (tracing logo printouts onto felt with a Sharpie and cutting them out is simple, but if you're less-than-crafty and want a step-by-step plan, check out Instructables)

As you progress through the week and month, pin up a logo each time you update that platform.

If you're a visual learner, something like this could help you balance your blogging, letting you visually understand your posting trends and remind yourself where to post and when. Plus you get the satisfaction of pinning up a felt letter, just like in grade school.

(Images: Instructables user charisp)

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