Start Now: Give Your Children The Gift Of Sustainability

Start Now: Give Your Children The Gift Of Sustainability

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 29, 2011

This morning I had the privledge of viewing a video for a Kickster looking to help fund a full length feature film about GMOs. It talks about the genetically modified seeds and thus foods that are perfectly acceptable in this country and how it should come to an end. Although I couldn't donate fast enough, there was one moment in the film that struck me as one of the most amazing things you can start today, for your children tomorrow. Want to know what it is?

Watch the above video if you have a moment, if not, feel free to skip to the 3:24 mark. There you'll find Finn. Finn is collecting seeds. All the seeds. He knows the process is simple. Grow a plant from one seed, gather hundreds more.

There's a quick shot of Finn's seed packets that say Finn's garden. What if along with a college fund or a new car we set a goal to send our children out into the world with a garden? With all the seeds they needed to be sustainable? To grow their own food, to take their life and their health into their own hands. To be able to provide for themselves and a family. Just imagine what a wonderful world we'd all live in if kids set off into their journey into the world with that knowledge and power.

In the coming years education about what to eat will be as important as the steps to acquire such things and participation in this process can only help spread word that we're looking for the best quality possible for our families. It doesn't matter where you stand on this nutritional debate, the idea of starting a seed collection, no matter what the purpose, is still a great one. It's a perfect hobby to start, even for little ones! Learn more about this video and project from GMO Film Project.

(Image: GMO Film Project)

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