Start With a White Screen to Clean Dirty Monitors, Cameras

Start With a White Screen to Clean Dirty Monitors, Cameras

Taryn Williford
Apr 14, 2011

Did you ever think the key to clean screens would be simply a color? It's true, and it's white. White is the color we associate with cleanliness. Well, cleanliness and angels. But we totally think the whole angelic part is 'cause of the way a white-out screen can help us spot every bit of dust and dirt.

It's true, start with a white base and all of a sudden every tiny smudge or spec of dust will appear before your eyes, ready to get wiped away.

And the white-out trick works for all kinds of devices:

  • Laptop or Desktop Computer: We love this tip from Lifehacker: Open up a new tab or window in your browser, then go full-screen. This is easy to do in the latest version of Firefox. On a PC, just hit the F11 key. On a Mac, try Command+Shift+F or go to View>Full Screen.
  • iPad, iPhone or another mobile device: If your mobile device is equipped with a full-screen picture viewer, try saving a white image from the web and displaying it on the screen to spot dirt.
  • TV: If you have the right hardware, set up your computer to display on your television set, then try the white-out tip above. If not, we've used this low-tech solution: Play a movie scene set in the daytime, then turn the brightness on your TV all the way up.
  • Camera or Video Camera Display:Grab a piece of white poster board, then shoot a picture (in the daylight works best) where it fills up the entire screen. Take a look at the image on your display, then wipe away any screen smudges.
  • Camera Lens: After you've completely cleaned your camera display using the white poster board image, any leftover dark spots are probably thanks to dust and smudges on your camera's lens. Use the picture as a guide to show you where to wipe, re-shooting the white board if you need to.

(Images: Flickr member CC Chapman licensed for use under Creative Commons, Flickr member JorgenSmith licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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