Bodey's Computer-less Computer Desk

Bodey's Computer-less Computer Desk

Range Govindan
Jun 14, 2011

If you're running out of space for your desktop, or you simply would like to have a cleaner workstation, here's an idea that might work for you if your desk is positioned near a closet or storage space: store your computer hidden away and run the cables/wires through the wall!

We'd guess most people wouldn't mind keeping their desktops from view. On a day to day basis, unless you want to show off your computer, there's usually not much need to get to your desktop. Currently, our own desktop computer resides in a corner, safely hidden away. But if we had the right room layout, we might consider hiding it away in a closet, just like Bodey Marcoccia did with his setup, as shown above and below.

The process is quite straightforward if your closet is hidden away behind some drywall. All you need is to drill a hole for the wires and peripherals (carefully noting you're drilling through the gaps between studs). Extension cords, a good multi-card reader, and a USB hub will help eliminate most instances where you'd usually tap the features of your main computer.

Bodey opted for two wall-mounted 23" displays, since he uses his computer as a music station (check out other options for wall-mounting displays here). Bodey constructed the floating tabletop himself, using walnut and maple wood for the striped pattern, all glued together and finished using a sander and some mineral oil to bring out the color. He also chose to setup his work area as a standing desk to help alleviate some back issues. We like the overall minimal footprint Bodey's setup creates, less like a traditional desk, and more like a computer kiosk.

While it's safe to say that not everyone will be able (or want) to create their own floating desk, the lesson here is hiding your computer away in a closet can be a viable way to regain space and hide away an element that's often an eyesore, especially if you're limited in space or feel the need to streamline your home office. And even if you don't have a closet nearby, a separate free-standing cabinet or even a wall-mounted storage unit can hide away your computer. Just make sure there's enough ventilation for your CPU!

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(Image: Flickr member Bodey Marcoccia licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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