Stay Organized this Winter: Contain Your Clutter

Stay Organized this Winter: Contain Your Clutter

Landis Carey
Dec 15, 2010

Despite the frigid temperatures and extra layers of clothing, winter is a wonderful time of year: it's a time to rejuvenate, relax and prepare your body for the busyness of spring and summer. But winter does bring with it several organizational challenges: extra coats, scarves, mittens, umbrellas, snow boots, ice scrapers and snow shovels.

Initially overwhelmed by pulling such winter items out of seasonal storage, we began containing this (what could be) clutter to keep our space just as fresh as it is on a summer's day. And by designating certain areas of our home for storing winter wares, we've keep this clutter from intruding on our living and sleeping spaces. Here are five tips on how to keep organized this winter.

Scarves, Mittens, and Hats: Contain your family's wintertime accessories in a large basket near where they hang their coats or the entry point to your home. Keep this dumping point easily accessible and in a warm spot.

Umbrellas: Did any of your summer or fall plants not make it this year? If so, compost the remnants, clean out the flowerpot, find a place for it near your home's entry point and use it to store umbrellas. If it's an outdoor planting vessel that's porous on the bottom, you should place it on a non-porous surface so those wet umbrellas don't lead to discolored wood floors. If you're short on space, place the flowerpot and umbrellas just outside your door but where they can not be rained on.

Snow Shovel and Ice Scraper: If you live in a single family residence or an apartment building where you have to shovel snow, you unfortunately have to find an appropriate place for that equipment. The area should have durable flooring where a mix of salt and snow won't damage the floor, but a place that's accessible after a big storm. It's best to find a storage closet where the shovel can be hung on the wall—this will keep it from dripping all over and being in the way. Using two nails or wall hooks, installation should be simple and inexpensive.

Winter Boots: The tricky thing about winter boots is you want them in a warm place but they are often sopping by the time you get home. If you have wood floors, consider making a washable t-shirt rug (DIY link below) where your boots can rest until they are dry. It can also be a really cute accent for your designated winter accessory area.

Winter Coats: If you live in a city, you'll feel like a lottery winner if you have room for a coat rack. Since those situations are rare, a great solution for storing winter coats is to install a wall-mounted coat rack near the entry point to your space. Even if you remove a painting or a photograph to install the coat rack, it'll be worth it. Once the winter season is over, swap your coat rack for more seasonal decor.

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