Steal this Designer Secret: How to Surprise (& Delight) With a Statement Piece

published Aug 16, 2014
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(Image credit: Arthur Garcia-Clemente)

Want to know a secret that designers use to really make a room shine? They incorporate a stand-out statement piece to surprise, delight and make a big impact on an entire room. Want to know how to steal this secret for your own space? Here are four ways you can add a statement piece in your home.

A statement piece can be added for a lot of reasons. In a very minimal room, it keeps a space from being boring. In a room with lots of elements in it, it can serve to bring cohesion to the different elements while standing out. It can be a way to dramatically change the look of a room, with just one new addition. And there are a lot of ways you can DIY something to be more of a statement piece, so you don’t always have to spend money to make something stand out.

(Image credit: Andie Powers)

How to make a piece of furniture a statement
Want a piece of furniture to make a statement? Have it display one of these elements (but try not to have it display too many of these elements at once): oversized, a bold color, covered in a wild pattern or an odd shape. Place it prominently in your room, maybe even let it be the focal point. Still not sure where to put it? Go outside the room, close your eyes, walk into the room and then open your eyes. The first thing your eyes focus on is a great spot (if it fits, of course) to put a statement piece that will really grab attention.

(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

How to make a piece of art a statement
Making a piece of art oversized is an easy way to make art be a statement in a space, but not the only trick up a designer’s sleeve. You can hang art that has colors in it that don’t show up anywhere else in the room. You could choose art that’s provocative or has text on it — always sure to stand out. You could light your art. Or you could do something eye-catching like place it in an unusual spot or set it apart from other accessories so there’s a lot of negative space around it.

(Image credit: The Martinez Family’s Modern Mountain Turkey Coop)

How to make a wall a statement
Creating a pattern or bold color on a wall — with wallpaper, temporary wallpaper or painted pattern — is a great way to add a statement to a room without taking over the whole room. This works particularly well when you focus on just one wall and choose a wall that is really easy to see when you open a door or turn a corner.

(Image credit: Arthur Garcia-Clemente)

How to make a collection a statement
Statement pieces are usually that — individual things that make a huge visual impact by themselves. But a collection of like objects, if presented effectively, can make a statement as loud as any brightly painted dresser can. To really maximize a collection’s impact, consider displaying it uniformly and neatly, with similar spacing between objects, so it becomes one cohesive, textured look. Consider using paint and color to create a contrast between your objects and their background. Display your objects uniquely, perhaps hanging from your ceiling.

Do any of your rooms have a statement piece? Tell us in the comments below what it is and which room it’s in!