These Steam-Cleaning Videos Are Captivating (and Calming) the Internet

published Mar 19, 2020
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Credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock

As humans, we possess an uncanny tendency to derive pleasure from the most unusual online sources. From the crowd that’s drawn to zit-popping videos to the animal lovers who could (and do) spend countless hours melting over a clip of a cow having its hair brushed, there’s a satisfaction-seeking category for everyone. The latest viewing trend we’ve come across is this set of steam-cleaning videos gone viral.

While TikTokers in the States are busy creating the latest new dance craze, Goldthread executive producer Victoria Ho shared with followers clips of a steam-cleaning company on Douyin, the Chinese version of the social media platform. 

“There is a steam-cleaning company on Douyin and I can’t stop watching its videos,” Victoria captioned a photo of a teddy bear receiving the cleaning treatment. 

In the brief clip, the steamer restores the bear to its former, dirt-free glory, pulling all the filth from its fur (which honestly looked like its natural shade…oops). The steaming begins at the top of the bear’s head and works downward, slowly revealing the stark contrast between the brown-orangish buildup and its gleaming white color.

Because we’ve already discovered that a ton of people are completely defenseless when it comes to tearing themselves away from watching cleaning videos, it should come as no shock that the bear-cleaning video sparked a frenzy and has since racked up over 130,000 likes on Twitter. 

While some were in disbelief and questioned whether the bear was being shaved instead of cleaned, others were more interested in satisfying their cleaning video thirst, prompting Victoria to share more clips of an armchair and fabric.

One follower wrote, “I want this machine. I want to steam clean everything in my house.” Honestly? Same.