Stefanie’s Limestone Renovation

Name: Stefanie
Location: Windsor Terrace neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC

We bought a completely dilapidated limestone home in 2007. Friends would often ask things like “How long was this house abandoned?” It never was — someone lived here right up until he died on the front steps a few months before we bought it. or “Why did you buy this dump?” That question was funny at first until we were about half way through the renovation and wanted to kill each other!

Pretty much everything had to be restored, repaired or replaced. So we undertook a huge renovation followed by a much less impressive interior decoration to make our home what it is today. It’s not at all perfect and there is still loads to finish up but the before and after shots are pretty drastic. It’s hard to describe your own style so I don’t have a good way to sum it up but we like mixing — both periods and finishes.

Thanks, Stefanie!

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