The $21 Storage Solution Walmart Shoppers Are Buying in Multiples (You’ll Want One in Every Room!)

published Jun 6, 2024
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Walk-in closet with plastic wardrobe storage and wall mounted shelves and rods. There are caps on the top shelf, clothes hanging on a closet rod, and footwears on the lower shelves on the right.
Credit: Jason Finn / Shutterstock

I don’t know about you, but organizing my home seems to be a never-ending journey. Items are always getting misplaced, new things need to be systemized, and my apartment feels like it’s shrinking. I’m not a hoarder (I swear), but over the years you just accumulate … stuff. That’s why inconspicuous and affordable storage carts — like the Sterilite Wide 3 Drawer Cart — are worth picking up.

This Sterilite cart effortlessly upgrades your space by cleaning up clutter, tucking under desks, or doubling as a tabletop. You can buy two and stack them on top of each other, align them side by side, or even use a single one as a nightstand. The options are endless! And if you’re in college, this Sterilite cart is especially great since it’s lightweight, making it easy to move when it’s time to change dorms. With over 500 people scooping this up on Walmart’s website daily, it’s definitely proven useful!

What Is the Sterilite Wide 3 Drawer Cart?

This smart drawer system is a game-changer for organization. With its three wide, spacious drawers, you can stash away art supplies, clothes, books, tech, and whatever else you need to hide. Plus, you can add casters to roll it around easily. Need that one long sleeve you tucked away for the season? Just roll it out of the closet! It also doubles as a nightstand or a budget-friendly dresser.

“When I was in college, I didn’t have the space or money for a big dresser, so I used two of these Sterilite carts,” says commerce editor Britt. “One held clothes in my closet, and the other was next to my bed as a storage unit and nightstand. My roommate even used two in her closet! I kept mine for years before finally upgrading and giving them away.”

Britt adds, “Recently, I desperately needed more kitchen storage for small gadgets, air fryer accessories, coffee supplies, and more. My solution? This trusty Sterilite cart. It’s spacious and holds a ton of stuff. You can use it for kids’ toys, cleaning supplies, linens, and more. Plus, it’s super affordable, so I know it won’t break the bank.”

Credit: Walmart

What Walmart Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.5/5

“I love it. Can be used with or without the wheels. Fits in my closet and has lots of storage potential. Love it! I’m using it for lots of candles and yarns for crochet. So perfect and simple” — Yahminah

“I used this as a way to store and organize my new daughter’s clothes. It worked great for storing different sizes and keeping everything together. Would recommend to anyone looking to store something inexpensively.” — Courtney

“It is the perfect height to fit under the shelves in my laundry room. I will use it to store miscellaneous household/laundry items such as dryer sheets etc. I like that it has wheels and can be moved around as needed.” — LynneJ

The Sterilite Wide 3-drawer Cart is a great addition to any room in your home. It is super lightweight and includes three spacious drawers for storing arts and crafts, bathroom supplies, clothing, accessories, and more. It even comes with casters that give it a rolling option! For $20, this cart is a steal. It’s no wonder it’s a bestseller.