Sticky Tiki: Fabric Wall Decals

Forget vinyl wall decals, Sticky Tiki, based out of New Zealand, creates hand painted fabric wall decals for a more durable and sustainable wall treatment. With designs that range from the alphabet to space invaders to simple circles they have something for everyone.

Save outdoors or indoors, these extra durable decals can be removed and moved multiple times. According to Sticky Tiki:

Unlike most other wall decals ours are made from fabric and they wont rip or wrinkle or damage your space, they adhere to any smooth surface and can be repositioned and moved countless times, they are also washable so those sticky little fingermarks can be wiped away in a jiffy.

Transform your room easily and on the cheap for a few days or leave them up as a permanent decor choice. Perfect for a child’s room or put a little whimsy in the rest of the house, these decals are definitely worth checking out.

(Images: Sticky Tiki)