Stocking Stuffers at Restoration Hardware

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Most of us are aware of the “impulse items” that stores put by the register: Candy and batteries at the grocery store, Funky pens and bright pink Post-it notes at Staples. We usually don’t like to let the stores get away with their psychological mind games, but one store where we always fall into the trap is Restoration Hardware. They have the best little items that are perfect for stocking stuffing, Secret Santas, and gag gifts that wont get chucked out with the wrapping.

For us the best are the little tools, which look cool enough to leave out on your desk, and allow even the most causal D.I.Y.-er to fix, mend and tighten. This year the store offers up the Auto-Loader Screwdriver ($24), a little pricier that most of their little treasures, but it gives you 6 bits in one, so you’ll never have to rummage through drawers for the right size Phillip’s head again.