Stools Galore: Playful and Practical

In our house, two white Burke Décor Tiki stools serve many functions. Pretend boat, makeshift “wheelchair”, puppet theater, stage, foot rest, snack table, and weapon (in sibling warfare). Oh, and they are used as places to sit.

Plastic, easy-to-clean, lightweight and sleek, these stools can be easily tucked under a table or placed in a corner when not in use. I love the Tiki stool. And the best thing (apart from it’s $69 price tag) about the TIki is that it can also be used as a stepping stool to help kids reach the sink — and to help adult visitors reach things on very high shelves (we are a tall family). But unlike most stepping stools, the Tiki isn’t an eye sore that must be collapsed and tucked away when we host a party.

But before you think I am getting just a little too excited about some silly stool, let me clarify: it’s not so much the Tiki in particular that I love (sorry, little guy). I love the idea of having a fun, attractive but ultimately PRACTICAL bunch of stools around the house. They are lifesavers in a hectic home. And there are so many to choose from. Here is a sampling.

1 Tiki stool by Offi at Burke Décor, $69.

2 SOS stool. Arango Design, $265.

3 STAACH Cain stool from Branch, $210.

4 Jeroen Wesselink’s deer stool, which can also hang on the wall as plastic antlers. Via Yanko Design and for sale at the designer’s site for $149 Euros.

5 Big Game’s box stool is made of aluminum but can be folded away like cardboard. Image via minimalissimo and for sale at Sleek Identity, $347.

1 Nook stool designed by Patrick Frey. Available at Vial, $229 Euros.

2 Set of three nesting tables/stools. Each opens at top, with hinged lids for storage. Areaware, $400.

3 Henry Massonet’s Tam Tam stool from Generate, $59.

4 Tam Tam stools and table by Matteo Thun for Magis. Unica Home, $163 – $241.

5 Zara stool from Modern Dose, $295.

1 Spool stool from House Eclectic, $270.

2 Kartell ghost stool from YOOX, $340.

3 La boheme 2 by Phillipe Starck at Hive Modern, $198.

4 Flamingo stool from Crate and Barrel, on sale for $15.95.

5 Handle stool, $495 and ErgoErgo stool, $100. Both from MoMAStore.