Stop Cheating Yourself Out of A Clean, Clutter-Free Home: 5 Ways to Keep Yourself Accountable

Stop Cheating Yourself Out of A Clean, Clutter-Free Home: 5 Ways to Keep Yourself Accountable

Jennifer Hunter
Mar 22, 2015

Some strong-willed sporty people can hit the gym every day of their own accord (Dabney, we're looking at you) but most people need some sort of a workout buddy to keep them honest about their exercise hours logged. Guess what? It works the same way for your home! If you need a way to keep yourself accountable for keeping your cleaning chores and clutter on track, try these tips.

Make a master list

Even though you know what needs to get done, writing it and seeing it every day is a completely different ballgame. Keeping a list of daily, weekly and monthly chores in a visible place will make sure those tasks are on your mind and make you much more likely to actually accomplish them.

Embrace open shelving

Controversial, yes, but there's no denying that open shelving keeps you honest. Think about all the items you have to store. Not being able to shove clutter behind a closed cabinet door may make you realize that you don't actually want to keep all those things around, anyway.

Implement a one-in-one-out policy

If you've worked hard to get your space pared down and you want to keep it that way, nothing is simpler than a strict one-in-one-out policy. That means if you've decided that you have room for only five jackets in your closet then when you want to buy a new jacket, one of the old ones has to go. Yep, this can be as heart-wrenching as it sounds, but it will really help you think long and hard about each new thing you decide to buy and bring home.

Stop shopping

If you're the type with ten kinds of canned beans in the pantry at all times, then we challenge you to implement a no-shopping policy. It could be a week or a month (or longer!), but the idea is to work your way through some of your stockpile. Maybe you hoard bathroom products and have five lotions that need using up, or perhaps you have a soft spot for cleaning products and you could clean for a year on your current stock. Whatever your particular weakness, shop your own home first and save yourself some cash and free up some space.

Host a party

Sometimes, all you need is something to look forward to. If you're in the middle of a home project and you really want to light a fire under your butt, schedule a little get-together for a few weeks out to celebrate and show off your work. When you up the stakes and give yourself a deadline, you will finish, we promise.

So, how do you keep yourself from cheating?

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