Store Valuables In the Oven? Maybe You Shouldn't

Store Valuables In the Oven? Maybe You Shouldn't

Taryn Williford
Dec 16, 2010

Heading away for the holidays? Whatever you do, don't put your laptop in the oven. Sure, it might be tempting to prep your apartment for a long leave of absence by hiding your valuables in unlikely places. But the more unusual the place, the more likely you'll forget it's there when you get home to heat up leftovers.

We know plenty of people living in tiny apartments that use their ovens for storage. Mostly you'll just find oven-save skillets and things like that. But some people with very small spaces have been known to store melt-able and flammable things—with disastrous results.

But the latest idea? Hide your valuables in unlikely places, like the oven, as an added defense against getting your stuff nabbed in an apartment break-in.

It's a great idea in theory, but you should only get on board if you're sure you'll remember that it's in there when you get back home and back to your baking routine. A friend of Flickr member jimray didn't, giving us these pictures as proof, along with a cautionary tale:

My buddy Kidd left his laptop in his oven while away—you know, in case of break-in or fire, it'd be safe. We're all over after grabbing him from the airport, ready to bake some cookies. Preheat the oven to 375, start mixing the ingredients, about ten minutes later, we notice a pretty awful smell. Open the oven door and, surreally enough, there's a laptop and a backup hard drive staring me in the face.

Yikes! But strangely enough, the hard drive worked fine again inside another firewire enclosure.

If you're going to try this, we suggest practicing a variation of the rubber band method: Leave a subtle-but-unusual reminder on the oven knobs, like a Christmas ornament, to jog your memory about your hidden goods.

(All photos: Flickr member jimray licensed for use under Creative Commons.)

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