10 Best Ikea Hacks of 2020

Image Credit: Melissa Rodgers

Image Credit: Jessica Bui

Who doesn’t love a good IKEA hack? 

Image Credit: Marly Dice

This year brought plenty of smart and stylish DIYs for every room! 

Here are the 10 best IKEA hacks we saw this year.

Image Credit: Iris Gobbers

1. Iris found herself in a position with more plants than space—

until she hacked a BESTA cabinet with grow lights to create a thriving greenhouse. 

Image Credit: Sarah Lafia

2. Sarah started with a plain white IKEA EKET cabinet and ended with an expensive-looking art deco piece

Her trick? Black washi tape.

Image Credit: Jessica Bui

3. Jessica took a normal closet and transformed it into an eye-catching mini-mudroom, 

complete with an IKEA KALLAX shelf hacked into a bench.

Image Credit: Melanie Rissick

4. With a few curved pieces of MDF and a lot of IKEA mirror tiles,

Melissa turned a blank cabinet into a retro party piece.

Image Credit: Melissa Rodgers

5. A bold $70 IKEA rug hack is just what this entryway needed. 

Image Credit: Ella Hall

7. This couple fit a nursery—with an IKEA hack changing table—

into a corner of their bedroom for only $500.

Image Credit: Marly Dice

8. Marly hacked two PAX wardrobes to look like custom built-ins 

by placing them on either side of the entryway and building a bench in between.

Image Credit: Michael and Nicole Francis

9. Bold navy brings a level of chic to IKEA BILLY bookcases in this home office redo. 

Image Credit: Cactus Casa

10. Caitlin took a boring laundry room and turned it into a calming, minimalist space for just $500 

by installing two BILLY bookcases with glass OXBERG doors.