All Images By: Alice Kuaban

Before and After: A $3,800 Scandi-Inspired Redo Transforms a Beige-on-Beige Bathroom


Homeowner Alice Kauban wasn’t in love with her bathroom, which was a veritable buffet of beige. But a future renovation was not in the cards.

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She wanted the bathroom to feel brighter and more energizing, so she planned a project that would give it a cosmetic refresh without altering anything structural.

Alice was inspired by Scandi design, and wanted her bathroom to reflect those light, bright, and simple stylings. 

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She and her husband painted the floors, vanities, and walls themselves, and hired a pro to paint the shower area for the best finish. 

They also updated the vanities with a few other changes: new wood countertops, new black hardware, and fresh sinks and plumbing fixtures installed by a pro plumber.

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The total cost for the update — paint, hardware, lighting, countertops, sinks, fixtures, and pro labor — was $3,800, coming in under the couple’s expected $4,000 budget.