Image Credit: Monica Wang

7 Things All Impossibly stylish People Have at Home


Image Credit: Kevin

Some people just exude style and can be counted on to live in well put together and drool-worthy homes. What is their secret? Here are seven common home elements that all chic people share.

Image Credit: Nancy Mitchell

A Confident Focal Point

One solitary statement anchors a room and automatically draws the eye. It can be a built-in feature of the room, or something you intentionally place for that purpose.

Image Credit: Margaret Wright

Something Organic

Natural elements add life (literally) to a space, and provide a sculptural element otherwise missing from all those right angles in a room.

Image Credit: Julia Brenner


The unsung hero of most rooms, and often the last thing considered when putting a room together. But the look and feel of surfaces add interest and depth. 

Image Credit: Bethany Nauert

Personal Effects

Surrounding yourself with things that mean something translates into an internalized and unshakable sense of style that will show through in your space.

Image Credit: Kevin

Design Classics

Well thought out pieces stick around for a reason and stand the test of time. They may be re-interpreted (note the shell chair above) but they are still true.

Image Credit: Leanne Bertram


Too much perfection isn’t a good thing when it comes to design. Instead, allow at least one unexpected, or even weird, thing to creep into your space. 

Image Credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion

Negative Space

Confident rooms take a moment to breathe and, in doing so, let just enough shine through, without being boring.