8 of the Best (and Easiest) IKEA Hacks We've Come Across

Image Credit: Tanya Lacourse

IKEA hacks are proof that you don’t have to spend a ton of time, energy, or money on little improvements in your home.

These easy hacks are from real people and their real homes.

1. Plaid on a plain cabinet

Image Credit: Liz Calka

Grab some   temporary wallpaper and electric tape to transform extremely plain EKET cabinets into a plaid-patterned statement piece.

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Image Credit: Allison Richter

2. Easy IKEA bookcase banquette

Employ an IKEA bookcase and a cushion along with a small table and you create an instant banquette perfect for meals.

3. IKEA sofa cover

Image Credit: Katharine Peachey

To make couch covers for your IKEA sofa, purchase affordable linen covers from Bemz.

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Image Credit: Tanya Lacourse

4. Oversized art hack

Paint over a pair of giant IKEA BJÖRKSTA pieces with house paint.

5. Home office in an IKEA PAX unit system

Image Credit: Chinasa Cooper

An entire wall of IKEA PAX units doesn’t just add extra storage to the small space, it also holds a compact home office.

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Image Credit: Liz Calka

6. An IKEA cabinet with a touch of gold

Cut shapes from gold contact paper and place them on the face of this IKEA cabinet to give some glam.

7. Dressers as a bed base

Image Credit: Caroline Sølver

Place a mattress on top of IKEA dressers to add more storage to a small bedroom.

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