8 Home Decor Trends to Inspire Your 2021 Design Style


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Image credit: Esteban Cortez

Curious what home decor trends will dominate 2021? From sky blue accent walls to neon lights and more, here’s what experts at Etsy, Pinterest, and Yelp say will be all the rage in the new year.

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“Shoppers are feeling hopeful for what the new year will bring, and that’s so much of what Etsy’s 2021 Color of the Year, sky blue, is all about,” Dayna Isom Johnson, a trend expert at Etsy, explains.

Sky blue decor accents

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“Shelfies, especially in the kitchen, will be the new favorite display,” Swasti Sarna, insights manager at Pinterest, says. “People will be collecting and investing in eye-catching appliances, from colored glassware to handmade clay plates.”

Stylish shelfies

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In 2021, Johnson says “shoppers will be restoring balance to their spaces, opting for items that offer boundaries between work and living, like foldable wall desks and stylish room dividers.” 

Functional furnishings

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“People are transforming spaces in their homes to work double-duty and serve special purposes,” Sarna says, “like computer gaming rooms, mini home libraries, and closets turned offices.”

Privacy nooks

Image credit: Credit: Courtesy of Athena Calderone and Yelp

2021 will see lots of small upgrades, such as painting cabinetry, updating the countertops, or adding a window or skylight, says blogger and designer Athena Calderone of Eyeswoon, based on search data from Yelp.

Quick kitchen refreshes

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“Shoppers will take inspiration from the Norwegian concept of ‘friluftsliv,’ which focuses on getting outdoors,” Johnson says. “I predict shoppers will be bringing indoor elements outside, such as lighting and seating,” to create cozy outdoor spaces.

Friluftsliv-friendly decor

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Neon lights and signs can cast a colorful, ambient glow in a room without having to paint. People “will reinvent their bedrooms with bright, color-drenched lighting,”  Sarna says. “LED lighting is a 2021 vibe.”

Neon lighting

Image Credit: Courtesy of Athena Calderone and Yelp

“Self-care has taken on a new meaning, with many of us retreating to our bathrooms to seek out solace,” Calderone says. One example: “Yelp has seen a 2,000 percent increase in search and review mentions for re-glazing bathtubs.” 

Spa-like bathrooms


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