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6 Backyard Accessories on Their Way Out, According to Real Estate Agents

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I spoke with some real estate agents to find out which outdoor accessories are fading from popularity. 

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One-Size-Fits-All Patio Furniture

Outdoor sectionals are out, while individual pieces are the new rage these days since they allow homeowners to customize their seating.

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Goodbye oversized outdoor lanterns. Instead, the romantic ropes of lights have become a top pick for homeowners looking to brighten things up. 

Old-Fashioned Lighting

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Easy Access to Neighbors

You can expect to see less open open-spaces. Homeowners want privacy and are opting for partitions that divide their yard from their neighbors.

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There’s a shift from a more active backyard scene, full of workout equipment and playground gear, to a more serene feel that connects with nature.

Hands-Off Gardens

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The popularity of flagstone — which can be used for everything from walkways to patios — has died out. Pavers are now on trend. 

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While wrought-iron pieces used to be a sign of high taste, they're now on the chopping block. Water fountains are also a no-no these days. 

Ornate Flourishes