Image Credit: Kirsten Buck

15 Best Living Room Ideas of 2020


Image Credit: HomeGoods

These ideas—both big and small—

are all easy enough to incorporate into your own space and freshen up your home for 2021. 

Image Credit: Minette Hand

1. Embrace a large rug

Image Credit: Chris Stout-Hazard

2. Paint your ceiling

Image Credit: Caroline Biggs

3. Try an LED color-changing lightbulb

Image Credit: Kirsten Buck

4. Rethink your layout (even swapping your bedroom and living room!)

Image Credit: Mackenzie Schieck

5. Use a nightstands in the living room

Image Credit: Esteban Cortez

6. Add a vintage rug to warm up your space

Image Credit: Andrew Garel Photography

7. Install a fireplace or faux mantel

Image Credit:Minette Hand

8. “Raise” your roof by hanging curtains as high as possible

Image Credit: Sarah Clark

9. Try out a dramatic accent wall

Image Credit: Alyse Whitney

10. Swag overhead lighting if there’s no hard wiring

Image Credit: Cynthia Moreno

11. Choose a more unexpected style of wainscoting

Image Credit: Abbey Chiavario

12. Hang a mobile for 3D art

Image Credit: Jacqueline Clair Photography

13. Put a vase, plant, or sculpture on a pedestal

Image Credit: HomeGoods

14. Strategically mount a mirror to reflect light

Image Credit: Shannon Claire Smith

15. Move over, marble! It’s all about tessellated stone and travertine coffee tables.