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The Best Way to Work from Home, According to Your Zodiac


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There’s no right or wrong way to work from home, but if you’re ready for a routine revamp, here are some top tips on how to create the best work from home routine. 

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Aries are full of energy and love to take action. To burn off that Aries energy, schedule a daily sweat-inducing workout while working from home. 

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Taurus prefers comfort and surrounding themselves with visually appealing objects. Add plants to brighten up a space, or try some scented candles and new art pieces. 

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To help satisfy Gemini’s need to stay connected, try setting up a regular coffee chat or lunch break to help stay productive.

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Keep productivity up by putting your mind into work mode. Get dressed every morning and keep workspaces separate from the rest of the home. 

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To satisfy leadership needs, Leos can communicate often with their superiors. Try sending a periodic email round-up.

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Virgos are hard workers, but sometimes they might forget to take a break. Make sure to look away from the screen and take a walk outside or meditate. 

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Libras are social butterflies. For them, connecting with colleagues is an important part of the job so plan a virtual happy hour.

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Masters of self-discipline and control, Scorpios make excellent remote workers. Harness that intensity and work when you feel most productive and focused.

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Sagittarius signs are natural optimists and leaders. They also crave variety so try mixing things up by working from different settings. 

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Capricorns can easily slip into the “just a few more minutes” trap and find themselves working all the time. So make sure you stay clocked out.

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Aquarius thrives on connections so working on collaborative projects that offer the chance to contribute to a group goal. 

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Pisces are generally known for their daydreaming. Schedule plenty of breaks with time for creative activities, like drawing, painting, journaling, or daydreaming.