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Loved the “Bridgerton” Books? Try One of These Era Romance Novels Next


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We don’t have to tell you that “Bridgerton” made a huge splash when it came to Netflix in late 2020. Not only was the Regency-era series viewed by over 80 million households, but it quickly skyrocketed to the streaming service’s most popular series ever.

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In the same way “The Queen’s Gambit” ignited a desire in many to take up chess, “Bridgerton”‘s popularity inspired people to read the 10-part book series. If you’re eager to add more books to your lineup, consider the following.

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn

This one’s a seamless transition from the “Bridgerton” books series for two reasons. First, it’s also set in the Regency era and second, it’s written by the same author, Julia Quinn. It's the first book in her three-part Bevelstoke Series.

The Stranger I Married
by Sylvia Day

Set in the Victorian era, “The Stranger I Married” tells the unexpected, winding, highly erotic love story of Isabel and Grayson. Their arranged marriage left them both wanting, and in fact they unfaithfully wanted themselves right into the arms of others. An eventual change of heart results in a tale of
red-hot seduction.

Wanted, A Gentleman
by KJ Charles

A familiar Regency romance plot: a pair of lovers run off to elope in Scotland as others try to stop them. However, in “Wanted, A Gentleman” the pursuers, Theodore and Martin, find themselves catching feelings for each other.

The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory

This novel is based on the real, heart-wrenching story of Anne Boleyn and her sister, Mary — two royal consorts who found themselves dangerously entwined with the fiery King Henry VIII.  Let’s just say it doesn’t end well. 

Emma by Jane Austen

“Emma” depicts Emma Woodhouse, a spirited, slightly spoiled 20-something uninclined to fall in love. Then she realizes that feelings are blooming between herself and the man she tried to set her friend up with.

The Talisman Ring by Georgette Heyer

“The Talisman Ring” is a fast-paced, Georgian/Regency-era tale that’s equal parts comedy and love story. It depicts a fugitive heir accused of murder and a melodramatic, somewhat tempestuous Frenchwoman. You’ll laugh and swoon.

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