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Controversial Paint Colors to Avoid, According to Real Estate Agents


Image Credit: Rikki Snyder

Real estate agents have seen it all. Here are some of the most controversial color trends you might want to steer clear of ahead of a home sale.

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Bright and Dominant

While there are always exceptions, bright and dominant colors can pull attention away from the home, causing that to be the conversation point.

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Instead, going with neutrals, grays, or light colors can offer a blank canvas for buyers to view their own lifestyle against. 

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Light vs. Dark

It’s widely accepted that going darker in a small room can make it feel even tinier. But, how light enters a room can completely change the look too.

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Orange paint in a room that gets a ton of sunlight, for example? You might be in need of some sunglasses.

Image Credit: Rikki Snyder

Bold Combinations 

There’s no harm in picking color combinations that match your particular style, but if you’re looking to sell, some buyers may find it too much. 

Image Credit: A Beautiful Mess/Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman

But this doesn’t mean that you have to paint everything gray or white. For example, an accent wall can make a room pop.