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3 Curtain Trends on the Way Out, According to Home Stagers

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While any of the following curtain styles could be the perfect fit for your specific style, stagers say they likely won’t help you if your home is on the market.

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Ornate Detailing

Fringe and tassels aren’t as popular these days, so they could read as over-the-top and dated. The same goes for valances.

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Overly Busy Prints

Although detailed curtains might look beautiful in person, small and intricate patterns in listing photos can really divert attention.

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Bold Solid Colors

Solid-colored panels, when they’re bright, can easily overpower a room. When you’re selling, you want your space to be universally appealing.

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So in sum...

Opt for timeless, translucent, neutral curtains, to let your windows truly shine.