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10 Things Nobody Needs at Home After 30


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If you’re just turning 30 or you’re just ready for a little decluttering, here are 10 things you might not want to carry on through your adult life.

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Cheap, wire clothes hangers

Try upgrading to more substantial hangers, made of quality plastic, solid metal, or for a more luxurious (and minimal) vibe, wood.

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A collection of shot glasses 

It’s smart to have a couple shot glasses in your kitchen. But unless you’re keeping them for sentimental reasons, it’s ok to send away half — or more! — of your collection.

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College textbooks

What are the chances you’ll crack open that Biology 101 textbook from freshman year? Pass it on to someone who needs it and make room for your current book collection.

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Clothes that don’t fit

As a general rule, if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing, shoes, or accessories in the last year, consider parting ways. 

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Mismatched plastic cups

Unless you’ve got kids around or are extraordinarily clumsy, it might be time to invest in your very own collection of glasses that don’t come from local fast-food joints. 

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Old, unused bedding

Chances are, any old bedding you’re not currently using in your rotation will just accumulate dust and take up space. If it’s clean and in good shape, put it in the donate pile.

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Ratty, mismatched towels 

Nothing says “adulthood” like a matching set of robust, fluffy towels. Swap any old, ratty towels for some better-quality ones.

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A bunch of novelty mugs in the kitchen

Choose the mugs that mean the most to you, and store only what you use in your kitchen. If you have extras, consider using them as pencil cups or planters for small plants.

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Old, unused electronics

Now is the perfect time to say goodbye to any and all outdated technology or entertainment, including DVDs, CDs, laptops, old cell phones, and non-functional printers. 

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Mismatched food containers

A set of glass food containers with locking lids will be easier to clean and will last you far longer than the ones that came with your takeout order.