9 Decor Items You Can Get Rid of in 2021, According to Designers

Image Credit: Viv Yapp

While getting organized is a great goal, it often is impossible without taking a serious audit of your furniture and decor.

Image Credit: Ashley Poskin

No matter how loyal you are to the KonMari method, many people own decor that's no longer serving their home, and this is the time to take stock and shed the excess.

Image Credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion

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1. See you later, shower caddies!

While these organizers are incredibly practical, they have much more visually-appealing alternatives.

Image Credit: Melanie Rieders

2. Move over, matching furniture

Try mixing pieces in any room where you’ve relied on a matchy-matchy set because you thought that’s all that would work there. 

Image Credit: Emma Fiala

3. Retire tired furniture

While it might be hard to part ways with some pieces, this can give you the literal space needed to evolve your design point of view.

Image Credit:Bethany Nauert

4. Say goodbye to the overstuffed bar cart

By paring down and visually organizing your alcohol and spirits collection, you’ll only make this spot in your home more inviting and prettier to look at.

Image Credit: Reid Rolls

5. Back off of coffee table books

Consider donating them or even recycling! This will free up your shelf space and give the books you really do love more time to shine.

Image Credit: Marie-Lyne Quirion

6. Ditch drapery that isn’t working for your room

Opt for a set of semi-sheer curtains, full-length window treatments, and hung as close to the ceiling as possible.

Image Credit: Emily Billings 

7. Part with some art

Stick to special pieces that add depth and drama while resonating with you personally.

Image Credit: Ashley Poskin

8. Farewell, flower vases

There’s no need to hold onto the glass vases flowers were delivered in.

Image Credit: Sarah Crowley

9. Eliminate excess

Look over your home and remove any non-essential clutter.

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