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10 Ingenious Living Room Hacks for an Instantly Better Space

Image Credit: Chelsey Brown

 From framed wallpaper art to clever furniture repurposing, these tips from top interior designers will transform your living room in no time.

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Combine two furniture pieces into one

For example, designer Natalie Kraiem of Natalie Kraiem Interiors placed two credenzas back to back.  This can be handy if you’re trying to fill a space and want to avoid customized furniture.

Image Credit: Brick + Beam Studio

Use multifunctional furniture

"Furnishings that can serve multiple functions to make the most of your budget and square footage," says designer Kimberly Valente of Brick + Beam Studio.

Image Credit: Modsy

Hang curtains high

To make your ceiling look taller, Modsy’s Alessandra Woods suggests high curtain mounts. “The illusion of higher ceilings makes your room feel a bit larger, as it draws the eyes up.”

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Create a kitchen “window”

In one home, "we incorporated a small concealed window that could be left open or closed to grab a drink at any time of the day," Kraiem says.

Image Credit: Mayra Roubach

Frame something surprising for easy, custom artwork

"I love unexpected items such as fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap,' says Beth Diana Smith, owner and principal designer of Beth Diana Smith Interior Design.

Image Credit: Kammi Reiss Interior Design

Turn your TV into wall art

"I help my clients find video art to play on a loop when the TV isn’t being used, turning something unattractive into something inspiring," says designer Kammi Reiss of Kammi Reiss Interior Design.

Image Credit: Amy Bartlam

Be strategic about your storage

Designer Jennifer Muirhead of Jennifer Muirhead Interiors advises using  "unexpected objects such as containers you already own for odds and ends.”

Image Credit: Sarah Barnard

Repurpose a piece from another room

"I love using antique dressers as living room side tables,” says designer Sarah Barnard of Sarah Barnard Designs, like a Victorian-era marble top chest of drawers on one side of a sofa.

Image Credit: Chelsey Brown

Let lucite give your living room a clear advantage

"Lucite or acrylic furniture will always create the illusion that your space is more open than it actually is,” explains blogger Chelsey Brown of City Chic Deco.

Image Credit: Nate Sheets

DIY luxe look window finishes

One of designer Tamara Day's favorite hacks is adding a unique finish to windows. You may be thinking that long, heavy drapes will bring your room down, but there are way more ways to trick out your windows.

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