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This Is What You Should Be for Halloween, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Not sure what to be for Halloween? Let the stars guide you. This list compiles the best Halloween costume for your particular zodiac sign. 

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Aries: Squid Game Contestant

Competitive Aries always wants to be the winner, so pull out your tracksuit and brush up on your schoolyard games.

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Taurus: Box of Wine

Luxury, relaxation, and serenity are Taurus’ heart and soul, much like someone feels when they sit down after a long day with a nice glass of wine! 

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Gemini: Zaphod Beeblebrox

Gemini is represented by twins. Zaphod Beeblebrox from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” literally had two heads.

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Cancer: Dude With Sign

This is the costume for you, Cancer, because you’re both emotional and material. Dude With Sign uses humor to address a lot of things.

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Leo: Morpheus, King of Dreams

Ask any Leo and they’ll tell you: They’re the best. The sign has a royal air, so dress up as Morpheus from “Sandman.” 

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Virgo: Life (and a Bag of Lemons)

Virgos are practical. Embody that mindset by dressing up as life and handing out lemons.

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Libra: Instagram and Reality

Libra’s all about balance. So show the tipping scales behind Instagram and reality by splitting your face in two. 


Scorpio: Anna Delvey

Mysterious and complicated Scorpios are often hard to figure out. So dress up as someone who made that their goal: Anna Delvey.

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Sagittarius: Tourist

The most curious of all the signs, Sagittarius is always on the hunt for more knowledge, excitement, and adventure, like a tourist. 

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Capricorn: Ted Lasso

Capricorn thrives when a task needs a lot of dedication and hard work to accomplish and that’s why you should be Ted Lasso for Halloween. 

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Aquarius: Immersive Art Exhibit

Innovation is essential to Aquarians. Jump on the trend of immersive art exhibits by using your costume to innovate the medium.

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Pisces: Mabel Mora

Mabel Mora from “Only Murders in the Building”  has an ability to see through a mess to find the right outcome — just like a Pisces.