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These Are the 6 Home Trends to Say Goodbye to in 2023

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If you’re curious to know which home trends may be fizzling out, read on for six specific styles below as well as what’s replacing them.

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Hard-edged furniture

Curve appeal continues to dominate the home scene versus traditionally linear, angular furniture styles that feel too rigid. 

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Monochromatic minimalism

Goodbye overly simple, sparsely furnished monochromatic rooms. Designer Amy Forshew is looking to bring on color and pattern in 2023. 

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Rounded bouclé statement pieces

The curved bouclé sofa is 2022's “it” furniture item, but designer Zuni Madera hopes to see bouclé separate from sculptural silhouettes.

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All-white kitchens

Designer Rozit Arditi is doubling down on color too and is a firm believer that “all kitchens should be bold colors from now on.”

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Plain door frames and moldings

Standard box-shaped frames are morphing into arched doorway designs.

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Industrial hardware

Designer Sarah Storms predicts “polished metals, especially chrome, are going to be taking center stage” as a luxe alternative.