Image Credit: Jacqueline Marque


12 Really Creative Ways to Hang Houseplants

Image Credit: Elaine Musiwa

One of the best ways to add more plants into your home is simply by hanging them from the ceiling or in front of a window. Take a look at the creative ways these plants are suspended and see if they spark any ideas for you.

Image Credit: Amanda Archibald

This tiny house has TONS of plants, including this gorgeous display of leaves. Not only is this a great way to display a lot of plantsin a small home, but it also becomes a living piece of wall art.

Image Credit: Kristin Cedar

Kristin Cedar made an entire plant wall in her condo. “The whole 6′ by 6′ wall cost a total of $300 and was so easy to install. I used these giant garment racks that are usually used in retail stores. I attached them to the walls with these brackets.”

Image Credit: Carina Romano

This South Philly home has a rad planting hanging over the bed, which with its placement feels more like a living chandelier.

Image Credit: Jacqueline Marque

Intentional displays of plants and art are becoming a huge trend: You can take a few treasured items, blending them together into a composition that itself becomes art. Get inspired by the one spotted in Whitney Mack’s New Orleans bedroom. 

Image Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Cooking with fresh herbs from your own garden is a certain type of delightful pleasure, made even sweeter when you can also use those growing herbs as an adorable display.

Image Credit: Alli Hochberg

Alli Hochberg’s studio apartment in New York City has a pretty interesting room divider idea: A coat rack filled with plants helps visually divide the space but also lets in lots of light!

Image Credit: Carina Romano

This loft-style apartment in Philadelphia has tons of architectural features, like gorgeous brick walls. But I love the way in which they used plants to highlight the mantel area.

Image Credit: Carina Romano

Chelsea Coffey and Warren Creavalle they hung plants under the staircase of their two-story Philadelphia loft to create a really cool look.

Image Credit: Marisa Vitale

It's hard to keep your eyes off this array of circular plant hangers from Norwegian Wood.

Image Credit: Marisa Vitale

A blogger’s Cali bungalow has this cute hanging shelf. She placed a lovely little plant and container combo on top of the shelf to complete the look.

Image Credit: Melanie Rieders

Are you a renter and/or don’t want to drill holes in your ceiling? Try the idea: Hang plants from a stand-alone clothing rack. 

Image Credit: Jacqueline Marque

The simple way in which the owner of this New Orleans cottage hung a pothos plant above this furniture piece, and then draped the vines around it to frame it, absolutely makes us swoon.

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